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Com Audio
Com Audio

Com Audio: Music Library Showcase

Com Audio: Music Library Showcase for JoomlaThe extension provides all tools to manage an online production music library.

The music catalogue is divided into categories. Each category contains one or more albums, with relevant descriptions and cover image.

Each album consists of more songs. Each song has descriptive fields: title, author, bpm, keywords. More audio files can be assigned to the same song (full song,  short "commercial cuts", alternate versions, ...) to give to bandwidth-strapped visitors the opportunity to evaluate the tracks. Hi definition wav files can be associated to the song too.

The backend lets you upload the tracks or choose from files already on the server. To speed up the initial setup tracks can be imported from CVS files. The catalogue can also be exported in CSV format for serial editing or backup purposes.

The user can browse the catalogue in several ways:

  • searching from the dedicated module
  • browsing catalogue categories
  • clicking the keyword-generated tags
  • clicking menu items

Users can be given the possibility to download the audio tracks.

A plugin lets you embed one or more audio tracks into regular Joomla articles, thus creating playlists.

The extension is Search Engine Friendly, to improve indexing and ranking with search engines. The component keeps track of performed searches, listened and downloaded tracks.

Selling music

The sale of music has peculiar aspects for the music is not bought but its license of use is purchased instead. The price varies according to the intended usage (personal use, film soundtrack, videogame background, ...). To cope with the complexity of licensing schemes and sales procedures, Com Audio is ready to be interfaced with the services offered by, who assist the buyer with the choice of the right license, generates the quotation and manages the economic transaction.

com_audio_songs_edit com_audio_songs_edit


Com Audio comes with 3 modules:

Mod_audioshow let's you display albums from one or more categories in a compact form. There are several parameters to configure the layout and the content of the module.

Mod_audiosearch is the interface to the built-in search engine.  It can be displayed in compact form or advanced form (all fields searchable).

Mod_freeaudio let's you give away for free - for a set period of time - a song. While the offer is active a countdown timer is displayed. When the offer expires the module unpublish itself and the song is pulled from sale.


For more info about Com Audio features, expandability and possibility of integration with your production music catalogue and for sales information, please contact us.